Chris Loxley is a teacher, performer, and recording artist that currently makes his home in New York City. He enjoys a musically rich life full of different styles and genres of music, as well as a wonderful variety of cello students, from young children just starting to play to serious musicians in programs such as Julliard and Manhattan School of Music preparatory divisions. When not performing live, gigging at weddings or cocktail parties, or playing out at venues and bars, he can be found in the studio with friends and colleagues that procure his services- sometimes for good compensation, and sometimes, admittedly, for takeout food and a cold beverage.

Chris started teaching when he was still in High School in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, as he began working with some of the children local to the neighborhood with the help of his Orchestra teacher. He owes at least a portion of his musical education as well as his drive to become a teacher to his mentor and now colleague, Jen Curran. Jen was instrumental in his decision-making to go on to Ithaca College and seek a degree in Music Education. He proceeded to gain a degree in Music Education as well as Performance in his time at Ithaca College (studying under Liz Simkin), as well as a Master’s Degree in String Performance from the University of Colorado in Boulder (under Judith Glyde).

Classical technique met with the experience and aural learning of jazz, bluegrass, country, funk, and every other music one could imagine contributes to a unique musical style for this instrumentalist. Whether it is writing parts on the spot with a singer/songwriter, improvising harmonies in a recording session, playing keyboards, synthesizer with a band, or recording his own music in his apartment in Brooklyn, one senses a non-classical part of his education that is gritty, full of emotion, and undeniably from the heart.

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