Having taught for well over a decade now, style and methodology has changed quite a bit from when I first began teaching local children cello in my High School years. My growth as a player, teacher, and performer and my experiences have helped shape my opinions and thoughts on technique, approach, and even holding of the instrument. One can learn MUCH more on my “student” pages about specific technique, etc. Simply reach out to me via my contact info and let me know you would like access, and I will likely be able to accommodate you.

I use the Suzuki Methodology in my teaching, including a good amount of the verbeage, but I also utilize Method Books such as the Dotzauer Cello Method, Samuel Applebaum’s String Builder, and Rick Mooney Double-Stops, Position Pieces, etc in my teaching. I do my best to draw from all areas and styles of music, and although the bulk of my teaching is classically based, I make sure that my students are made familiar with multiple genres. I also make sure to teach exercises that can be studied in both written and aural forms, and try to adapt every lesson to both the longterm and immediate needs of the student.

As far as “logistics” are concerned, I teach lessons out of my apartment in Park Slope Brooklyn, mostly. With nearly 20 students I keep very busy with teaching, mostly in the afternoon and evening hours. I also have just several ocassions where I travel for my teaching, so don’t hesitate to ask about that either! If at all possible I will accommodate you! I am currently teaching cello, violin, piano, and music theory to various ages although cello is my most proficient instrument.

This beginning video below, while admittedly ‘low-fi’, will give you an idea of some of my beginner tips and how I approach the instrument in a general way.

Below you will find a video about the Suzuki song from Book 1, ‘Etude’. This is yet another example of my teaching, but also feel free to visit my channel on Youtube for MANY more videos!


Below you will find a recording of some basic beginner scales for my students in their first handful of lessons with me! Even if you are not my student, feel free to use this as a resource!

Audio MP3


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